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  • What is your Signal Format?
    Here is the example of a signal: Gold buy 1831 Sl 1827 Tp 1841 Each signal includes: Entry point, stop loss and target level
  • How many signals will I receive daily?
    You will receive 3+ signals daily.
  • When do you post signals?
    We cover both UK and NY sessions.
  • Where will I receive the signals?
    You will receive the signals in a private telegram group.
  • How many pips you make?
    We make around 800 - 1000 pips weekly.
  • How many members are in your VIP?
    We have 1000+ clients.
  • What do you trade?
    We trade Gold, Silver, Forex, Oil, Indexes.
  • What is your win rate?
    Average win rate is 70%
  • How many TP you have?
    We ALWAYS have 1 TP only.
  • How we share profits?
    We have 50-50 profit sharing model.
  • What is the maximum drawdown?
    Maximum drawdown is 15%.
  • Should I pay in advance?
    No, profits are shared at the end of each trading month.
  • What return can I expect?
    Average monthly return is 8%.
  • What is the minimal deposit?
    10000$ is the minimum deposit required for our money management service.
  • How do you manage my money?
    We manage your funds on MT4 terminal. All we need is the password from you MT4 terminal.
  • What is the required leverage?
    Minimum leverage required is x100

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